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Adidas Adistar Boost ESM Review





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Adistar Boost ESM



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Introduction to Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

Go for stability and comfort on roads and paths marked with the Adidas adiSTAR Boost ESM lilac. It is designed to delight runners with a universal stride to pronatrice. Indeed the flagship technology of the three-band brand, Boost, associated with the adistar model, gives you dynamism and cushioning!

Its Boost provides maximum shock absorption at every ground contact. It retains the energy of your stride to restoring it to you. You will thus gain in reactivity to achieve your goals in no time. In very cold or hot weather, the Boost keeps its properties to transport you to each of your running sessions.

The Formation process promotes better shock absorption and provides a more natural transition during strides. It ensures optimum adaptation to the terrain you are traveling for comfort during your journey.

For absolute stability, the Torsion System ensures full support in the midfoot to reduce pronation fatigue. The outsole provided with a rubber Continental improves adhesion to wet or dry soil.

The Adidas adistar boost ESM shoe for women has a rod TechFit for increased maintenance of your foot. While remaining ultra-breathable, it is stretchable to fit perfectly to the shape of your foot without altering its mobility.

Compatible with MiCoach, do not wait any longer to boost your performance and surpass your own goals with this real must!

Key Features of Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

  • Boost: cushioning and reactivity
  • Formotion : shock absorption and natural transition
  • Torsion System : stability
  • Continental rubber : adhesion
  • Techfit : support
  • Ultra Breathable : Breathability
  • Extensible : adaptation
  • Adjoining tongue
  • Heel counter
  • Compatible with Mi-Coach (inside the inner sole)

Technology of Adidas Adistar Boost ESM


Active cushioning that accompanies the natural movement of your stride for maximum cushioning and comfort.

An active system that adapts to the terrain and your stride to provide you with a heel-front transition under the sign of softness and naturalness.

Research has shown that Formotion reduces the rocking speed by nearly 18{570bc003439b6008e90c2f83e3b3dcda7264a4dd6fb5a271c61cfdc33000c61d} compared to a conventional shoe in order to significantly reduce knee tensions.

Torsion System

A lightweight and durable system to increase the stability of the foot while respecting its natural flexibility


Rubber process for better grip, better traction and all weather conditions. The grip is improved by 30{570bc003439b6008e90c2f83e3b3dcda7264a4dd6fb5a271c61cfdc33000c61d}.


Optimal support of the foot thanks to the vamp made from the highly durable and elastic polyurethane. Maximum comfort and support in all feet during the stride.


Thousands of special energy capsules are injected together in a midsole to revolutionize the way of running. The Boost technology is designed to highlight a higher energy return and an extreme softness of the cushioning. This material is three times stronger than standard Eva and remains effective at temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Adistar Boost ESM


  • Its very modern look!
  • It can accompany you in long distances, why not even until the marathon!
  • The Adistar Boost is particularly comfortable. Ideal for long distances.
  • Its sole is of very good quality, it will allow you to evolve on all the surfaces without loss of power. Continental is the perfect addition to the road, and is proven for its durability.


  • The Adistar is heavier than the other models of the brand.
  • Few colors available.


The running shoe ADIDAS ADISTAR BOOST ESM is the high-end cushioned model! Both flexible during the stride phase and sufficiently firm during the pushing stage, it will delight middle to heavy riders (+ 55kg) and with a neutral or pronounced stride. Thanks to the combination of BOOST and EVA technology at the midsole, you will benefit from exceptional cushioning, reassuring stability, and comfort. The seamless TechFit mesh ensures a tight fit for the foot. Thus, the footwear is adorable as soon as one puts the foot in,

Who is This Model For

As mentioned above, the ADISTAR BOOST ESM is intended for lightweight to medium runners (+ 55kg) and a neutral stride with a pronounced tendency.

However, it can be suitable for a lightweight runner (-55kg) who is intensive and long-distance running and who wants to keep a maximum of shocks.

For What Type of Use

The ADISTAR BOOST ESM is primarily a training shoe, intended for light jogging (endurance exit) and long trips, on-road and path.

On the other hand, its dynamic characteristics will allow you to use it also on threshold drives (semi-marathon or marathon) without losing too much sensation but also on sessions of short and long VMA in the recovery phase, training.

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