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Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2 Review

Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2




Heel drop



Adizero Adios Boost 2



8 oz

Introduction to Adizero Adios Boost 2

“When you put on this type of product on the feet, you know what to expect: a lightweight shoe trimmed for speed.

Moreover, the world’s elite is not mistaken because it has adopted a majority. How much has traveled by Adidas since the first versions of the Adidas adizero adios, an uncomfortable shoe and which typed dry if one did not optimize its qualities of foot: a model reserved for the pros in some way. Fortunately, the Boost has since been there, and the brand to the three bands has managed the feat to combine this contribution of softness and comfort with the innate qualities of the model.

Exceptional comfort for a racer

The construction of the Adiwear outsole on the back and Continental on the front is the same as that of the previous version. We, therefore, expect, without surprise, the same exceptional properties of grip and dynamism. To note, little novelty, an insert on the inner side at the level of the heel that seems placed here to “counter” any pose of the foot can bend on the inside and thus keep a “right” support.

On the comfort side, between the two versions, it’s day and night! Very summary (mesh thermo-bonded and rather “rough”) on version 1, enormous improvement on version 2: return to more soft materials and real flat seams. The footwear is, of course, narrow but wraps well the front foot which allows a better mobility. Wider feet will probably be better accommodated than in the first version.

In use, no worry of maintenance or friction. The foot is very well set. The drop: 10 mm. A more material at the level of the heel that feels, it is comfortable. For those who are used to reduced drops, the 23 mm heel feel Frank. 229 grams of weight, it’s ideal. You will not often find a shoe with a light but a reasonable weight that protects and energizes as well stride without falling below 200 grams with the associated risks of reliability.

Boost does not do everything, but it helps well!

It should not be mistaken: if the boost improves the comfort to the crushing of the sole, it is nevertheless rather thin on the front. A simple jog will quickly confirm that it is necessary to heat slowly before pressing: it is very close to the ground on the front, my tendons and calves have been more solicited than usual, it pulls a little on end. And even with light gauge (61 kg). So it is not the shoe that you will put for your jogging in leisure mode. On the other hand, the shoe is very stable despite its small footwear. I think the surface on the front is of sufficient size and flat for a correct support on the road (totally not recommended for use on irregular paths).

A significant advantage: the grip. Surely the best in the market. The traction is impeccable, which allows pushing hard and run at high speed. A treat on 300m in 51 s! No surprise on wet ground, it does not stumble an iota.

What if Adidas reduced the drop?

The Boost allows a particular rebound which one perceives all the more as the unfolded is complete and passes through a part of the heel. It is therefore quite tolerant if the stride degrades. The drop of 10 mm does not help to perfect pose in media-foot, especially in downhill. Moving from 23 mm behind to 21 mm could be a real plus for the shoe, an 8 mm drop would be interesting.

This bounce, all relative although it does not transform you into a kangaroo, allows to attack active hard surfaces without hurting itself, and especially allows a reduced support time even if enrolled in full. The sensations are pleasant: the speed with a minimum of comfort!

It should be noted that after several sessions, the shoe does not present any particular suspicious wear.

Technology of Adizero Adios Boost 2

  • Upper with Breathable mesh for added breathability
  • Boost for cushioning and extraordinary dynamism
  • Torsion System for added support of the midfoot and forefoot
  • adiWEAR outsole for durability
  • outsole Quickstrike for more dynamism
  • Rubber Continental for optimal traction


Rubber carbon whose soles are made for high abrasion resistance.

Torsion system
A lightweight and durable system to increase the stability of the foot, while respecting its natural flexibility

Method rubber compound for better grip, traction and in all weathers. The grip is improved by 30{570bc003439b6008e90c2f83e3b3dcda7264a4dd6fb5a271c61cfdc33000c61d}.

guarantees lightness, durability and flexibility of the outsole.

Thousands of unique energies capsules are injected together in a midsole to revolutionize the way to run. The Boost technology was designed to highlight a higher energy return and extreme flexibility of the cushioning. This material is three times stronger than the standard Eva and remains valid for temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

Pros & Cons of Adizero Adios Boost 2


  • Its dynamism without fault on the road. She keeps the pavement, even on the wet roads!
  • Its lightness, we feel run without shoes and literally fly away.
  • It is flexible.


  • The shoe is not really comfortable.
  • It is not a road-mark.
  • Suitable for runners with a rather thin foot.


All assets of the adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2 will delight riders cushioning, traction, support, stability and energy return. Those looking for a good running shoe performance, and promotion is the one for you! It provides endless energy to accompany you on your long runs and offers excellent results.

Who is This Model For

We recommend this model primarily for lighter runners (-75kg) to neutral stride and performance.
A middleweight runner (-85kg) to neutral stride and performance may also be used on competitions 10km up and split sessions on track.
However, we strongly advise against heavy riders (+ 85kg), because the shoe does not provide the cushioning necessary to protect the rider from impacts.

For What Type of Use

The running shoe ADIDAS ADIZERO ADIOS BOOST 2 is a straight racing shoe road. It fits all distances up to marathon
It will be an ideal partner also for your workouts track fractionated.

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