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Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Review

Asics gel nimbus 18




Heel drop



Asics Gel Nimbus 18


10 mm

11.4 oz

Introduction to Asics Gel Nimbus 18

Comfort at impact always at the top! The shoe Asics Gel Nimbus 18 blue, orange and black for men (Autumn / Winter Collection) suitable for your competition and your workouts medium and long distances. You have a complete model in terms of comfort and stability. This is ideal for universal supinator stride runners.

This well-known running shoe is the 18th version of the Asics Nimbus! One can already imagine the number of improvements and adjustments of any kind that the mark has applied year after year to this shoe. It is today one of the shoes of references to this excellent brand.

The Nimbus is particularly appreciated for its unfailing comfort and its cushioning. It is especially suited to medium and long distances; let’s say it lends itself well.

The sole of the shoe can be replaced by an orthopedic shoe.

Key Features of Asics Gel Nimbus 18

  • For medium and long distances  : on roads and tracks
  • Front Gel and Heel : Shock Absorption
  • FluidRide : Rebound, cushioned and lightweight
  • IGS and Guidance Line : Fluidity
  • Trusstic System : Stability
  • Clutch Counter : Retention
  • AHAR + : Adherence and resistance to abrasion
  • Removable inner sole : Comfort and hygiene
  • Discrete Eyestay : Customized maintenance and pressure reduction
  • FluidFit mesh upper : Glove, breathability and precise fit

Technology of Asics Gel Nimbus 18

  • GS: Calculated positioning of bending notches that guide the boot so that the trajectory of the foot is closest to the ideal movement. Pronators, universals or supinators will find in the IGS the concept adapted to their stride. Its action will be completed by Duomax and Trusstic / Duotruss.
  • Trusstic: Single-density holding arch positioned in median foot, it respects the natural unfolding of the foot while controlling it. It ensures the stability in support phase and guides the foot in pulse phase, completing the action of the IGS
  • AHAR +: New density in AHAR. Improves cushioning and resistance.
  • Guidance Lane: Characterized by a visible notch in the midsole and in the sole contact with the ground. This notch follows the center of pressure of the foot from the heel to the toes. This makes it possible to obtain a more adjustable running shoe, creating at each stride a smoother transition between the impact phase and the impulse phase. Thus, the Automatic Guidance Line helps runners to maintain a natural and effective gesture, especially over long distances.
  • Discrete Eyestay: New development of the lacing by independent carnations. This concept distributes the tensions, personalizes the support and improves the comfort of the foot tops.
  • Gel Heel and Front: Attenuates shocks at impact and during pulse, provides total freedom of movement during the stride cycle. The Asics gel system is probably the most famous of the Asics innovations. In order to provide the highest possible shock absorption, Gel units are strategically positioned in the midsole. Different components are used for the Gel Asics cushioning system. Depending on its destination, the gel unit is encapsulated with polyurethane. The form of the units is also precisely linked to their position and action.
  • Clutch Counter: Exoskeleton heel shell for better heel hold and better ground feel.
  • FluideRide: Offers the ultimate in rebound and cushioning, while remaining lightweight.
  • FluidFit: Combines a technical mesh that extends in several directions through an extensible material like to create the effect of a glove. Thus it offers an excellent hold without exerting pressure.

Pros & Cons of Asics Gel Nimbus 18


  • The Asics Nimbus 18 is very solid. Quality made in Asics!
  • The Nimbus is particularly comfortable, it wraps well the foot, which makes it a shoe suitable for medium races (semi marathon) and long distance (marathon).
  • It makes it possible to evolve as well on road and subdued way.


  • suitable for “heavy” runners, more than 165 lbs.
  • It lacks a little dynamism, do not hope to beat a record on a 10 kms with the Nimbus.
  • It seems a little wider than normal. This is not necessarily a bad thing.


The Gel in the heel and at the front of the foot provides excellent shock absorption and you get a wake cycle without disruption. The midsole FluidRide handles provide a rebound optimal and cushioning throughout your place .

Asics Gel Nimbus 18 is Lightweight, excellent cushioning, this is the ideal model for all types of rider! If you do not know which pair to choose, go for it! It is suitable for all riders.

Who is This Model For

We recommend this model to runners with neutral stride and supinator.

For What Type of Use

Asics Gel Nimbus 18 is a high-performance training shoe for road running and stable paths.

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