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Brooks Beast 14 Review

Brooks Beast 14




Heel drop



Brooks Beast 14


12 mm

2.65 lbs

Introduction to Brooks beast 14

Runners pronators looking for a shoe to support flawlessly? The Brooks Beast 14 Gray and Blue for Men (Autumn / Winter Collection) is perfect for you! It is ideal for your running on roads and paths.

Key Features of Brooks beast 14

A midsole that provides custom stability

It’s progressively extended diagonal safety bar adjusts your pronation to a natural stride. Stamped DNA, its midsole provides quality cushioning that adapts to the weight and impact of your stride. For a tenfold dynamism that adapts perfectly to your racing speed!

An outsole that multiplies the fluidity of your stride

The combination of its grooves of flexibility and its rail of guidance promote the flow of your run. This makes it an ideal running shoe to achieve your goals without hindrance.

A breathable, breathable upper

The mesh upper of a shoe Brooks Beast 16 for men ensures excellent breathability throughout your running session. Ideal to stay focused on your goals and leave your concerns in the locker room!

  • Extended DRB system to control the rider’s pronation.
  • BioMoGo DNA technology allows cushioning
  • HPR to ensure good durability despite field constraints.
  • The full-length segmented pad protects smooth transitions.
  • Anti-sweat mesh keeps feet fresh and dry
  • HPR Green for traction at each stride.

Technology of Brooks beast 14

  • DNA: Molecular structure which varies instantaneously according to the weight and impact of the rider on the ground, providing more cushioning and dynamism by adapting to the speed
  • Flextra: Placed strategically under the front foot, this piece of rubber varies in density. It will be different on male and female models, neutral or pronator to ensure the best possible flexibility. Direct the foot laterally to encourage efficient propulsion.

Pros & Cons of Brooks beast 14


  • The Brooks Beast 14 shoe is especially comfortable. For those who love long distance races, it is simply ideal.
  • It has good traction.
  • Beast 14 is very resistant and it will know how to keep the distance in time, kilometer after kilometer.
  • The quality of the materials used.


  • This is suitable only for heavy riders.
  • The drop is relatively large (12mm), some runners like others not …


Brooks Beast 14 is perfectly suited for both on-road and off-road trips.It has a large drop of 12mm.It offers a very good support of the plantar arch at each stride.Using the mesh in the shoe will allow your feet to breathe while being perfectly dry during the race.

Who is This Model For

The Brooks Beast 14 is intended for heavy runners (+ 85kg) and with pronative stride.

For What Type of Use

The Brooks  Beast 14 is a shoe dedicated to the practice of running (running, long exit) on road and path and on any distance.

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