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How To Lose Weight Permanently – Running

loose weight running

For more than a decade I’d followed a cycle of losing and gaining weight, but I struggled to lose weight permanently. In truth I found it pretty easy to lose the weight, I would reduce my calorie intake down to less than 1000 calories a day and the weight would quickly fall away.

Start Running Tips

start running tips

Starting running is a great adventure. It is often synonymous with fitness, recovery of the sport. Starting to run is indeed simple for the beginner. Running is a freedom in schedules and places that allow it is almost unlimited.

Sports Nutrition: Performance Feeding

sports nutrition

Today we talk about sports nutrition, what I eat every day to be in shape for the sport … and the rest! I have long believed that sports nutrition, as recovery is the basis of performance in running.

What shoe for which rider?

what shoe for which rider

However running is much more than that. Indeed, it consists of different practices and is not limited to a single view of things. The jogging is quite short and practiced several times a week, but running also includes the Trail, a long-distance running in a natural environment,

4 ways to Use Heart Rate Monitor

heart rate monitor

Particularly during your recovery outings, it is important not to push the “machine” too hard. You can give yourself a heart rate limit that should not be exceeded during short trips. This can also help you not to go too fast in your long exits.

Choose Running Shoes with Excellent Cushioning

running shoes with cushioning

Running enthusiasts are always looking for the right equipment to run in the best conditions. Indeed, this sport is one of those that impact most on the joints and the back, since at every step you make you receive a shock that equals to practically 3 x the weight of your body!

How to Recognize a Triathlete at First Glance?

how to recognize a triathlete

Whether on vacation, in training, or competitions, you happen to rub shoulders with athletes from different backgrounds. But there is one that may be more easily identified than others: the triathlete.