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Hoka One One Clifton 3 Running Shoe Review

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Heel drop


Hoka One One

Clifton 3


5 mm

8.60 oz

Introduction to Hoka One One Clifton 3 

If you are looking for a shoe for long, you probably clicked on the right page. Finally, provided to accommodate it’s few flaws that spoil anything because kill the suspense right away: this Hoka Clifton 3 is a real good pick. Let’s go a little into detail.

Above all, for such a unique shoe in its form, it is worth pausing a few seconds on its measurements, which is impolite but very interesting.

Even assuming that you will be wearing two, it did little to a shoe of this size, and this is a point that often surprises the riders who have never set foot in a Hoka: YES, it is very lightweight despite this massive appearance suggesting otherwise.

Other criteria impressive: the drop to 5 millimetres. It is not very, very far from the majority of shoes designed for racing in the long term. Despite a relatively solid sole, the aftermath remains rather natural.

Side thickness soles count 29 mm under the heel 24 to the forefoot. In short, beware of capricious ankles, it makes up, even if the width of the sole is reassuring on this point. Those are the numbers, go to the field.

A comfortable shoe

At first threading, one discovers a 3 Clifton comfortable to wear, with a very little slipper, a little tight in the middle of the foot, but rather soft, all without seams. The tongue is very thin, too thin, perhaps for those like me who are a bit manic at tightening the laces and who can not bear to feel pressure on the instep.

The laces are also skinny and very long.

By pressing a little on the soles, there is what is expected of a Hoka: it is soft at will. This impression was confirmed in the first jogging: the foot roll is good, aided by a form of the slightly curved sole that invites running midfoot. The shoe is very light, and it’s a strange sensation indeed: feel like anvils foot from an aesthetic point of view, but anvils feather.

Hand grip, it does not make miracles but not fishing.

A surprising dynamism

No this is not a racer, it’s not going to lie, Hoka now offers more dynamic models if you want to play with your best time for 10km. But I was pleasantly surprised anyway, expecting to “plunge” with every stride.

It is not so: the few split sessions conducted with these Clifton 3 proved more than honest: the shoe meets, probably helped by its rather small drop. This, therefore, makes it quite versatile.

Technology of Hoka One One Clifton 3

  • SpeedFrame : confort
  • Welded seams : reduce friction
  • Ventilated mesh for breathability
  • Drop 5mm : fluid strides
  • EVA midsole compression molded cushioning
  • Rubber reinforced wear areas : sustainability
  • 250g in size 42

Pros & Cons of Hoka One One Clifton 3


  • Lightweight
  • Cushioning


  • None of note


I can not tell you with certainty what distances Clifton 3 is intended: without a doubt the marathon and beyond for most runners. But why not on semi or over 10km for runners knee capricious example and seeking comfort and protection rather than first dynamism.

Who is This Model For

We recommend this model for neutral runners stride, the foot smoothly in the axis or wearing insoles and lightweight medium (for split sessions and competitions to marathon).
We do not recommend this model for heavy runners (+ 85kg).

For What Type of Use

The CLIFTON 3 is a mixed running shoe, designed for both training and split road competitions, and has an exceptional amortised.
Despite this, a light runner (-70kg) will be satisfied with this model for use on jogging short durations and dynamics even long trips with the intensity in (looks session spe half marathon and marathon).

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