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How to Recognize a Triathlete at First Glance?

how to recognize a triathlete

Whether on vacation, in training, or competitions, you happen to rub shoulders with athletes from different backgrounds. But there is one that may be more easily identified than others: the triathlete.

The image of the triathlete is essential, the day of competition or when in public, it has to be impeccable. The legs shaved carefully, one pair of shoes “flashy,” cap, glasses of a very American brand known and often the top, the grail: his shirt “FINISHER” the last triathlon at excessive distances that only gods can end: the ‘ IRONMAN!

For him men play sports, the gods are triathlon … Do leave with only his shorts to put on, but be careful that it is not too short … Why? Just to hide the marks of bike shorts!

We must maintain the myth: the triathlete has a tan all year and must share with you his beautiful tattoos; always about the course triathlon. Then you say to yourself, this is a triathlete, triathlete by the same excellence. But you are still a bit hesitant. Let’s go on…

After a few days of lying on his beach towel Ironman cultivating his tan, the triathète finally gets to work. He then tricked out of her bag markings that leave no room for doubt, a bathing cap and a pair of swimming goggles. Pitch, the triathlete is not a tourist, it’s there for training! Sometimes he even puts his neoprene suit, the risk of being an alien on this crowded beach. He likes to be noticed.

Triathlete never goes on vacation to chance. It goes where it is likely to meet people who understand: other triathletes. Coming out of the water, he will tell his wife have finally made that 4000m quiet …

The triathlete is a cool guy …

Indeed, one can see it like this; sometimes you can even compare to a surfer. The “code” clothing is almost identical. It does not take the head and is fun. For sure this side, triathlete does not do things by halves.

It needs the latter Cycling fashion, with the last wheels, cry bottle cage section for entry into the air. But a vital question upsets every year: “For best performance, I drive hoses or tires? ” Personally I feel like saying to him: ” Before investing in a war machine and trim the slightest gram it to go faster, you could try to lose a few kilos of fat you have on the carcass! ” Of course, because the heavier the bike is always the guy obviously …

Still, he’s happy and when he meets other triathletes in the so-called “competition,” he is in his world, it is understood by others, and he knows why he does it.

Being triathlete is like belonging to a global sect with codes and rules: the watch, the power sensor, profiled helmet, tri-function. These materials are constantly evolving; they are obviously changing every year! The triathète must remain competitive!

It’s done, you have identified a triathlete

To have the confirmation, start a conversation with him. If he speaks a language you do not know (although French), you are right. For the triathlete likes to use the terminologies in their discipline: half, iron, broth, drafting, pack, transition, penalty box, litter box, etc.

By cons you can offer him a workout, he will answer this. But be indulgent, because if he has a little sore “rods” that’s not his fault, it will surely be because of the bike ride the day before. You can not understand a triathlete he made three sports HIM!
You sympathized with the living God. Naturally, you offer him to come and eat or have a drink.

WARNING: Ask before you if you do not want to create a diplomatic incident! Is your friend sporting it in preparation or Recycling? The answer to this question is crucial.

– In preparation, the triathlete paid attention to what he eats and consumes only healthy products (at least he believes). No or very little fat, as an aperitif, it will take pistachios, vegetables and found fruit juice (guava, hibiscus, and others) because it is good for the body, like the ice cream cone three balls that it has slipped on the beach! But he has the right he made 5 am bike in the morning and 1:30 in the afternoon swimming! Finally no fruit juice, sparkling water will suffice!

– In recovery, you will not believe your eyes and the myth of triathlete could collapse within seconds. A massacre! He’ll stuff you. But this is NORMAL, he made sacrifices for weeks so he can afford it, and above all, he will have earned it!

Of course, all this is pure imagination, any resemblance to a real person would be only a coincidence … or almost!

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