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Sports Nutrition: Performance Feeding

sports nutrition

Today we talk about sports nutrition, what I eat every day to be in shape for the sport … and the rest! I have long believed that sports nutrition, as recovery is the basis of performance in running. Important precision, to begin with, I am not a nutritionist, I do not pretend to have the competence, I have not even consulted personally. All that is written here is to relativize, it is simply my opinion on the question, nothing more!

Sports Nutrition, Daily Diet, and Running

But as I am often asked what I eat on a daily basis and if I have a special diet to train effectively … I will answer this question! As with the running tips, my nutritional strategy is being built little by little, as I read and experiment. I test and try to keep what works on me and what gives me the best form of feeling every day, quite simply!

Sports Nutrition  I Eat better, I run better!

I am really interested in sports nutrition since I am in Quebec and I feel much better … Because I eat better, it’s as simple as that!

For those looking for a detailed method, you will surely be disappointed because, in the end, I do not think there is. Everything is based on principles often known to all, in the end, it is still necessary to apply them daily!

Fruits and vegetables with each meal:

simple I told you, I am not vegan for as much but the vegetables are the basis of sports nutrition, they contain so many good vitamins, good minerals that it would be a shame to s’ To pass … Of all colors preferably, bio / local if you have the means when the skin / the outside is eaten.

Oilseeds, avocados … fat:

Both le fat! What if we stopped with that? Certainly, almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts are, like avocados, very caloric. In fact, by their high-fat content and so do not eat that, but they are composed of good fat, vegetable, natural, unprocessed … In short of the real good energy to fill a small hollow between two meals!


The best way to know what you eat is still to do it. By purchasing unprocessed and quality raw materials, you avoid all ingredients that can be ingested in processed products (you have already looked at the list of ingredients on the packaging?) I challenge you to respect it The letter for your recipe!)

Eat often and in small quantities:

What if the key was in listening? Stopping eating before being full but eating more regularly? During the week, I eat 5 to 6 times a day, no big meals that make you want to sleep at 1 pm, but I already nibble a banana and some almonds around 3 pm … I digested when leaving me to train 2hrs later, all in balance.

Eating the Right Things at the Right Time:

The famous maxim “Lunch Like a King, Dinner Like a Prince and Dinner Like a Poor” has made me feel since I am interested in running nutrition. No need to say more it is enough to itself. Eating light at night has no impact. Honestly, apart from American movies, who really wakes up to eat in the middle of the night? … I’m more hungry in the morning … And I eat more and richer! But then I have all day to eliminate those calories.

Adapting your diet to your workouts:

To be effective in training, you must eat properly before you have the right energy. And to recover well, it’s the same. The meals and snacks around the workouts must, therefore, be adapted to the effort that must be produced. We do not give ourselves just before training. We leave 3h of digestion after the last complete meal before running … We make sure not to be too light after a workout, to take back the essential nutrients for a good recovery …

Simple not? No miracle recipe, just common sense … And a form of thunder thanks to it!

Nutrition Running  Privations?

Certainly not! Let it be clear, as an amateur sportsman, I think that we must keep pleasure at the heart of our lives, whether in the practice of sport or in life in general.

My food does not come out of this frame. If I’m hungry I eat, small chocolate with coffee, cheese on occasion, restaurants … I do not forbid anything, neither beer nor poutine. In fact, everything is a matter of measurement, as long as an exception is an exception and these little pleasures are not daily, there is no problem! Avoid exceptions the day before a competition!

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