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What shoe for which rider?

what shoe for which rider

When you think of running, you immediately get to know the most famous activity and certainly most practiced by thousands of people: jogging.

However running is much more than that. Indeed, it consists of different practices and is not limited to a single view of things. The jogging is quite short and practiced several times a week, but running also includes the Trail, a long-distance running in a natural environment, half marathons, marathons, the cross-country, which is a mixture of Activity in outdoor and in various environments, simple running, and the middle distance. In short, a multitude of activities for which it is important to choose the running shoe suitable to buy, especially if you are a regular practitioner, or for competitions. Although beginners should not neglect their equipment to avoid injury!

How to choose your running shoes?

As you will see in our comparison of the best running shoes ,beginners must prioritize comfort and cushioning before any fashionable technology . Indeed, the risks of bad postures are great given the lack of habit, and so it takes a simple but effective shoe that keeps your foot.

Regular riders and pro will be able to go to more advanced models, with innovative cushioning techniques and bringing spring and reactivity to their natural movement.

“Flexibility is essential in order to allow the foot to play its propelling role and not to lose energy because of a damping too thick.”

The heavy runners, more than 80 kg for men and 60 kg for women (yes ladies, this is a disagreeable figure!), Will have to choose particularly their running shoes to bring a good cushioning associated with a great stability, In order to preserve their joints, regardless of your level of sport.

Finally, for running outdoors on the road, the so-called embossed soles are the most suitable, to compensate for the natural irregularities of the ground. On the road, the adhesion is important, and the resistance to wear since it is the type of soil that uses the shoes the fastest.

What budget to foresee?

The smallest prices start at around 20 euros, and you can go up to more than 100 euros for the most specialized shoes. The average for good value for money generally starts at 50 euros.

Our Recommended Shoes

Asics gel nimbus 19

Asics Gel Nimbus 19

This Asics running basket is a good choice. It is aimed at athletes with a neutral stride but not a supinator. The top, the lining and the outsole are made of synthetic material. The insole can be removed for ease of maintenance. Four colors are currently available. Read the review.

mizuno wave rider 18

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The athletes decide to choose this pair of training shoes for its dynamism, its lightness and its cushioning. The insole is removable to facilitate washing. It is a model marketed by the brand Mizuno since the fall of 2015. Its synthetic top with reflective strips and mesh air lining are solid and especially easy to clean. Its outsole is made of X10 rubber. This running shoe for men is not expensive compared to its performance and its lifespan. It is accessible to less than 100 € on the Internet Read the review

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