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Running Shoes Advice & Tips

A good quality running shoe is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. You want to wear a running shoe that not only make your feet feels comfortable but also it improve your running experience without sacrificing your comfort. A perfect running shoe should offers balance of moderate cushioning, flexibility and lightweight design.

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Running Shoes Reviews

Whether you are looking for a new running shoe for your own use or for the family, it is necessary to go for the best performing running shoes always. We are helping runners worldwide to find the best running shoes to cater your running, hiking and trailing needs. The best quality running shoes help in gaining better running experience.

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Top 10 Best Running Shoes Reviews

Go for stability and comfort on roads and paths marked with the Adidas adiSTAR Boost ESM lilac. It is designed to delight runners with a universal stride to pronatrice.

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When you put on this type of product on the feet, you know what to expect: a lightweight shoe trimmed for speed. Moreover, the world’s elite is not mistaken because it has adopted a majority.

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Comfort at impact always at the top! The shoe Asics Gel Nimbus 18 blue, orange and black for men (Autumn / Winter Collection) suitable for your competition and your workouts medium and long distances.

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In search of a running shoe for a universal stride that combines fluidity, comfort and durability to accompany it on roads and paths traced? The Asics Gel Nimbus 19 Boy Shoe is made for your child!

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Runners pronators looking for a shoe to support flawlessly? The Brooks Beast 14 Gray and Blue for Men (Autumn / Winter Collection) is perfect for you! It is ideal for your running on roads and paths.

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The Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Shoes is a model of adaptation because it is suitable for short trips and rhythmic as for competitions distances. Aimed at runners with neutral feet on roads and marked paths.

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The shoe Saucony Triumph ISO 3 dark blue, light blue and silver for men gives you a real feeling of safety with excellent stability on slippery paths or cant. Ideal for runners with neutral feet on roads.

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Bondi 5 Hoka One One is a running shoe that has a little drop and excellent cushioning for closer trodden ground and faster road!

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If you are looking for a shoe for long, you probably clicked on the right page. Finally, provided to accommodate it’s few flaws that spoil anything because kill the suspense right away: this Hoka Clifton 3 is a real good pick. Let’s go a little into detail.

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Buying Guide for Running Shoes

Shoes are the most vital element at the time of walking or running. Because shoes protect the legs from the roughness of the road. The person who is a runner sometimes faces some difficulties at the time of choosing the appropriate running shoes. Because running shoes are a vital element for a runner, so the runners need to choose the best running shoes, and it will help him/her to run a long distance without any foot injuries. It is often found that the runners choose the shoes which do not exactly match with their legs. And they are using an incorrect sized shoe cause some problems like knee and hip problem, black toenails, plantar fasciitis, and a lot more problems. So, it is important to know all the bells and whistles of a good pair of running shoes before you make a final buying decision.


How to Choose a Good Pair of Running Shoe

To choose a good pair of shoe, you'll need to know something about your feet and how they run. First, find out if your arches are low, normal, or high. Get your bare feet wet, then step on and off a piece of cardboard placed on a hardwood floor. A foot with a low arch will very little or virtually noarch "indentation" is visible. Nearly the entire bottom of the footprint will be on the floor; On a print made by a high arch, the invitation is profound, very little arch touches the floor, it may appear C-shaped. The print made by a foot with a normal arch is somewhere between the low and high arch. Here are the important criteria to look into while choosing the right pair of running shoe.

  • Size: Unlike your city shoes, running shoes should be chosen a little larger to compensate for the slight forward sliding that occurs at each of your steps. What size to choose? If you are wearing 40 in town, bet on 41 in sneakers. The risk is otherwise to feel compressed, since the foot swells during exercise, but also to have blisters and nails damaged because of too little space in the front.
  • Weight: We are often reluctant to give it and even know it, but when you make your comparison in-store or on-site, tell the vendors or search criteria how much you weigh. To better understand, it is useful to know that when you run, the shock produced is three times the weight of your body. Therefore, for “heavy runners”, above 80 kilos, cushioning is what you should focus on, by tapping into the new technologies of brands, and models with gel heel for example.
  •  Time of the Day: It may sound a little ridiculous, but there is an excellent time to buy your running shoes. The advice most often given is to go to the store at the end of the day, because your foot is inflated after the activities of the day, and helps you know which size, broad or narrower, brings you the most comfort.
  •  Place of Practice: You need to determine the most common places of practice. Thus, on-road, the shocks are harder, the cushioning is, therefore, to privilege. On the way, the worked soles are the most adapted to follow the natural movements of the ground and possible irregularities. From this also flows the moment when you will have to change them. It is generally said that simple runners have a lifespan of 500 kms and the most advanced of about 1500 km. This does not prevent you from checking by yourself about their status from time to time, and to decide to change them if necessary.
  • Type of Stride: Whether it is to find men’s or women’s running shoes, it is generally recommended that the most dynamic runners test their stride by going to a podiatrist. There are three possibilities: you can be either supinator, pronator or neutral, the first being the rarest.
    Although you can determine it yourself, the tips of a pro are always more appropriate and to help you with our guide: What shoe for what type of runner. Choosing your running shoes is ideal, for a run in the greatest comfort. Nevertheless, the universal running shoes, for less and more than 80 kg, will be perfectly adapted.


6 Selection Criteria of Best Running Shoes

It is not an easy task to find out the best running shoes from the market. Because while buying the running shoes, a number of factors are needed to consider before going to decide for a specific pair of shoes. There are some selection criteria that are to be followed by a runner while buying the running shoes. It’s not all about running; rather, some comforts is needed at the time of running, which gives additional energy at the time of running. Using the wrong shoes for running can cause several foot problems, and for this reason, those criteria are to be followed strictly to buy the best running shoesThere are six factors in the selection criteria, here it goes:

  • Fitting: Without proper fitting, a person didn’t feel comfortable at the time of running. Besides, the person will experience some times of pain in the legs both the time of running and after completing the run. So the shoes with proper fitting can help the person avoid this type of problem and provide comfort at the time of running.
  • Softness: For the purpose of running, soft shoes are always preferred. The runner should always choose the shoes with are soft to wear.
  • Stability: f the shoes are not having the property of stability, then the runner will face various problems at the time of running. So the shoes which can ensure this facility are to be chosen for running purposes.
  •  Flexibility: If the shoe is not flexible, then it will be a serious problem for the runner. The runner always feels disgusting when he/she found that the shoes are stuck with his/her legs. So a little fit flexibility can help a runner to avoid this type of problem.
  • Breathability: The shoes which are not having the breathability properties should not be chosen for the running purpose. Because at the time of running, the huge amount of sweat glands are released from the legs. If the shoes do not have the breathability, then it cannot pass out those sweats to nature. As a result, the legs inside the shoes remain in a wet condition, which is responsible for some fungal infections.
  • Weight: The shoes with less weight is advised to choose for running as the heavy weighted shoes can create some major problem in the backbone of the runner.

Running Shoes Benefits

Running shoes are used for running on road and trails. There are several proved benefits of running. Regular running on road with a good quality running extends number of health benefits. Regular running habit reduces keep blood pressure and body weight in control and increases lung capacity. A good pair of running shoes should be used to get the following benefits:

  • Cushioning Effect: A high level of cushion can be achieved by maximizing the height of midsole of a running shoe. A proper cushioning effect make running a comfortable task. It also protects heel, ankle and toes from getting stressed during run. A proper cushioning effect also prevent knee and back pack.
  • Arch Support: Arch support  provided by the most of the high quality running shoes is a high end benefits to a regular runner. Arch support for people with flat foot is must.
  • Prevent Injuries: A technology rich running shoe with high-end features enable running injury free. Running with bare-foot or bad quality running shoe may cause sever injuries to your ankle. The chances of getting cuts and scrapes are high. The midsole cushioning and arch support of a high quality running shoe mentioned above prevent injuries to regular runners. 
  • Improve Running Experience: Runners with high quality running shoes achieve better running experience and improve their athletic ranking. This happens due to better comfort and improved running capacity. Even non-athlete runners should opt for a comfortable running shoes for personal comfort and healthy benefits. 

Important Features of a Running Shoe

  • Durability and Breathability: This  is achieved by a combination of synthetic leather and mesh upper.
  • Variable Lacing Systems: It customize the fitnement of your shoe and provide durable heel control, thereby stabilize the heel.
  • Reflective Material: This feature is useful for running in nighttime. 
  • Removable Insole: This permit cleaning and replacement. That combined to decrease weight. Motion control that is added supports and may come in the shape of bridges. 
  • EVA Midsole: This is the most wished feature of a good running shoe. It offers comfortable cushioning effect during running.  This combined to decrease weight. Motion control that is added supports and may come in the shape of bridges. 
  • Flexible Outsole: This include a waffle pattern for grip, carbon rubber for durability and forefoot flex grooves for supreme versatility. 

FAQ - Best Running Shoes

How to choose the best running shoes?

Follow these tips to find the best running shoes: 

  • Look for a shoe which is specially built for running purpose. It contain specific technology and design feature which help in running activities.
  • Get a pair of running shoe which well fit into your feet to ensure comfortable running without any risk of injury.
  • Based on the type of activities and location of running you should go for specific shoes which are suitable for everyday running to trail running.
  • It always may not be the case that expensive running shoes are well made keeping in mind the advanced technology and features which are suited for running. A best performing running shoe's price tag is normally above $100.
  • You may go for a running show with maximal cushioning  to get  comfort and plush running experience.
  • To enjoy better pronation control go for a neutral running shoes which is prefered by 80{570bc003439b6008e90c2f83e3b3dcda7264a4dd6fb5a271c61cfdc33000c61d} of runners rather stability running shoes which increase the chance of injury.

How much does a good pair of running shoes cost?

A good pair of running shoes range from $100 to $250. Don't go for cheap running shoes as best performing running shoes are made with advanced technology and unique feature than regular sneakers. The quality of running shoes demands high price tag.

How long does running shoes last?

The life span of a running shoe depends upon the usage. A good quality high cushioning running shoe last 300 to 500 miles where as flat sole running shoes last for 200 to 400 miles.

What are the cheapest running shoes cost?

A cheap running shoe may cost well between $50 to $100. But it is not advisable to go for running shoes of that price. Cheap running shoes may compromise with quality and features. We recommend to choose running shoes for more that $100 range for better running experience, comfort and running without any injury.

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